The concept of Logos and the Web is to provide an alternative to expensive and complicated web sites that are so difficult to update that nobody ever does it.  Many sites are designed and launched….and that’s it.  No new content….nothing.  We design the sites to make them easy and fast to update.  Content is everything.  It can be as simple as a digital brochure about your business, to an elaborate explanation of what you do.  We use lot of pictures…we can help you shoot them.  We specialize in WordPress as a terrific way to build and maintain your websites.  Sometimes, all you really need is a great Facebook page!  Facebook is a free way to get the word out.  Let us build a great page for you!

Digital graphic art is the other part of what we do.  Today nearly all graphic arts for print and the web is done in the computer.  In fact, the ability to draw by hand, to illustrate by hand, to sketch ideas…by hand…are nearly lost arts.    Today everything needs to be in a digital format to be transmitted to a printer or used on the internet.  Printing press plates today are made from digital files.  Even photos of the kids today are digital files.  So….we need to create our logos and print artwork digitally.  We are experts at this.  Let us prove it to you.  We use the Adobe Creative suite to build our artwork.  And because the artwork lives in the computer….it is a website trying to get out.  We let them get out.  We re-purpose your print material into web pages.  No need to spend the money twice.  By the way…we still remember how to sketch and draw by hand.